fineart advisory

personal – professional – independent

The quality and quantity of artwork available in today's art market is thrilling and bewildering for collectors and investors. Isabel Boden, founder of fineart-advisory, is passionate and experienced to provide buying, selling or art management as professional service.

Benefit from HER advice that explains Different options for buyers or sellers.

Take advantage from her service that includes cataloguing, estimating or selling artwork in a private sale. 

Isabel Boden focuses in particular on 20th and 21st century art. It is her objective to select artwork of lasting value that combines sophisticated requirements and resources of collectors.

Her service includes:

  • Artwork cataloguing, appraisal and investigation of condition and provenance
  • Client representation during private negotiations and auctions
  • Analysis of authenticity, conditio, provenance
  • Support and attendance to auctions
  • Transaction of discrete private sales of art
  • Advise on buying or selling on the artmarket
  • Inheritance issues: advice on passing artworks on the next generation or management an inheritance